Live Life Drive is Innity’s Website Of The Month!

Live Life Drive is Innity’s Website Of The Month!

Looking for a brand new stylish car? Or a used and practical compact car? Look no further because Innity’s Website Of The Month, Live Life Drive is Malaysia’s most comprehensive new and used car guide. As described on their official Facebook page, “Live Life Drive don’t just talk about cars. We talk about the living side and the life of he/she who drives. The culture, the insights.” Sounds interesting already? Recently, we get to talk to Bobby Ang, the Managing Editor of Live Life Drive to find out more about their awesome website.

Name: Bobby Ang

Position: Managing Editor


Can you tell us a little about how Live Life Drive got started?:

We noticed a void in the industry where most magazines or websites focused solely on car enthusiasts, where everything revolves around horsepowers, drifting, motor racing etc. So we started a magazine back in 2009 that talks about the relationship between drivers and cars, the geopolitical and financial aspects of the automotive industry. Think of it as Time or Wired, but on cars, or from a more macro perspective, the sociological movement of humans where cars play a major role. When we embarked on our website, we too decided to focus on drivers and cars, but the website has to be vastly different from the magazine. The magazine should do what websites couldn’t, as in beautiful layouts and thought provoking visuals and articles. Whereas the website is focused on facilitating car owners, be it enthusiasts or not, to help them on their research process. Instead of reading through pages and pages of deep mechanical nomenclatures, we simplified the process to help their decision making on which car to buy.

How are you different from the other automotive sites out there? 

Most websites garner traffic from car enthusiasts wanting to know more about current automotive news, or forums where they engage in topics ranging mostly from vehicle customisations or asking for help when their cars go wrong. Our website on the other hand, focuses on new car buyers where 80% of our site traffic is generated from car buyers doing car buying research with the tools that we provide.

What does Live Life Drive do that you felt other sites in the industry aren’t delivering?

Instead of he or she who’s interested with F1, Rally or drifting, we serve the teachers, lawyers, architects, chefs, or parents. Basically anyone who are ready to buy a new car, but without knowing any automotive websites since they’re not exactly car enthusiasts, they simply google whichever new car that has just launched in Malaysia, and most of the time, Google will bring them to our website as it seems Google ranks us as highly relevant in terms of giving a good car buying guide to Malaysians.

What do you think are the biggest mistakes most digital sites make?

We believe every website has their target group and supporters and it is great to see such a wide variety of websites in Malaysia. We don’t quite see there’s any correct or incorrect strategy when it comes to digital sites as contents or usage are just too diverse to pinpoint what’s right and wrong. But we cringe when we saw reputable brands putting up websites with 404 links or having stuff that don’t work.

What’s your best advice for new publishers/bloggers/sites getting started?

 Don’t give up, and err …. know when to give up?


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