Ray is Innity’s Website of the Month

Ray is Innity’s Website of the Month

Website of the Month

Ray operates as one of the leading female websites in Thailand. The website offers a full range of information, tips, and advice for the confident, modern woman. Being part of Innity’s network since December 2012, Ray currently attracts over 765,000+ page views visitors a month. and has an average of 35,000 page views on a daily basis. Unsurprisingly, it has been a favourite among advertisers. We asked the team from Ray a few questions below…

Can you tell us a little about how Ray got started?
Ray Magazine is Thailand’s leading fashion magazine that is from Japan. We created the website www.ray.in.th in order to access the Social Networking world as well as to reach and meet the demand of our readers.

How are you different from the other women sites out there?
Our website is offering a wide range of content that is divided by categories; fashion, beauty and lifestyle with a unique presentation. Moreover, the site also presents other interesting and diverse contents such as web board and activities from our supporters.

What do you think are the biggest mistakes most digital sites make?
We think the biggest mistake is unable to reach the target’s needs. So our teams work hard to develop and improve the site in order to fulfill the audience’s interests. We also focus on coming up with and embracing innovative technology.
What’s your best advice for new publishers/bloggers/sites getting started?
Other than the contents from the magazine, we advise them to create other activities such as games or events by building a micro-site and an application on Facebook.

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