Let’s challenge the Mobile Advertising QUIZ

Let’s challenge the Mobile Advertising QUIZ
















Welcome to our Mobile Advertising QUIZ.

This quiz is set up to test your knowledge on Mobile Advertising.

Are you a Mobile Pro? Take the 10 minutes quiz and find out. You may just win a mystery gift!

(September 21, 2019)

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Which is/are the example(s) below illustrate the ways brands and marketers use the mobile channel to engage and interact with consumers?
Which are the following ways to purchase mobile inventory?
I. Cost Per Mille (CPM)
II. Cost Per Click (CPC)
III. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
IV. Cost Per Install (CPI)
Which mobile ad format by Innity below is best suited for direct-response campaigns?

What is/are the following benefit(s) marketers can get from Mobile First View ad format?
I. Brand Impact
II. Content Marketing
III. Response Driven
IV. Multi-Screen
There are many features that can be done within a mobile ad such as tap to call, tap to sms and tap to download. Unfortunately, mobile ads cannot feature social sharing.
What is/are the benefit(s) of mobile advertising solution that Innity can offer?
I. Rich Ad Functionality
II. Ad Targeting
III. Brand Safety
IV. Cross-channel Compatibility
Marketers can measure the results of mobile advertising through a few performance metrics. Which is false?
According to eMarketer, people using smartphones or tablets are more likely to click on ads on the Mobile Web (35 percent) versus Apps (26 percent).
If you’re a brand marketer, which advertising model is suitable for you if you require an account manager to assist you through the campaign process and give you detailed analyses on ad performance and periodic reports?
According to (MRA) Media Rating Council, what would be considered a viewable impression for display ads in mobile web browsers?
Which are not the key challenges of mobile advertising faced by advertisers, agencies, and publishers?
According to Digital Market Asia, APAC is the region with the highest growth for mobile ads inventory and ad spend in the first half of 2015, compared to same period last year.
By 2019, worldwide mobile ad spend will make up _________ of the total digital ad spend.

With the rise of ad blocking, what alternatives can marketers consider on their mobile ad spend?
Which is not the common type of mobile ad fraud?
What problem(s) does mobile ad fraud directly create?
I. Devalued Publisher Inventory
II. False Impression
III. Decreased Campaign Efficiency
IV. Higher Campaign Exposure
What is mobile native advertising?
Native advertising can be bought programmatically, whereas content marketing usually requires editorial involvement.

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