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How brands adapt to the new normal of Influencers Marketing: Social Group Buying

It is truly challenging for businesses to stay afloat in these times and according to the International Monetary Fund, we are all anticipating the worst economic shutdown since the Great Depression. Therefore, businesses who want to survive have to come up with new innovative ways to continue running their businesses, and adapting to the new normal …

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Part 1: The Impact of COVID-19 on Publishers in Malaysia

With the Movement Restricted Order (MCO) in place, it comes to no surprise that people have turned to the internet for communication and information. With the increasing demand for online content, publishers have naturally been affected as well. To understand more, we e-interviewed several publishers specializing in various topics such as lifestyle, parenting, and finance …

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How brands adapt to the new normal of Influencer Marketing: Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) & “Homefluencers”

  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect most parts of the world, there is no doubt that many businesses are facing a huge crisis due to the economic downturn. In this new environment, the priorities for many brands have also shifted as their investments in marketing budgets have decreased. Not only that, some brands …

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5 Reasons Why Brands Need To Partner With Mom Content Creators Now

With the new surge of incoming first-time moms being millennials, they are all very social media savvy. In fact, there is currently a rise of mom content creators. They are great at connecting with their followers and being able to produce quality and engaging content. These moms also know their way around various platforms, particularly on Instagram, and a few even having their own blogs.

This means that moms are also becoming more and more tech savvy. Read more to know why brands need to partner with mom content creators now.

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