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New Pricing Models:
Why Cost-Per-Engagement Can Benefit Advertisers

From Adotas Most online marketers are aware that CTRs for traditional banner ads have been declining steadily for years (a phenomenon commonly known as banner blindness). Adding fuel to the fire, comScore’s recent vCE Charter studyhighlighting the fact that 30 percent of display ad impressions are effectively bogus has some advertisers scrutinizing their display ad …

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Click-Thru Rates Are Misleading Brand Marketers
On Online Campaign Performance: Nielsen

From Adoimagazine -Cross-platform advertising improve brand campaign performance -Extended online exposure achieves strong lift in brand performance metrics -Long-form online video content achieves higher engagement levels -Digital trumps traditional media for return on investment Click-thru rates, one of the most common metrics used to trade online advertising, are significantly undervaluing the brand performance of online …

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Innity Offers Real-Time Bidding for its
SEA and Hong Kong Audience Network

We have an announcement to make!   Innity has entered a business alliance with D.A Consortium Inc. (DAC) and will effectively contend in the real-time bidding (RTB) arena across the region. With the superior technology equipped by DAC, Innity will be offering demand-site platform (DSP), MarketOne® as well as sell-side platform (SSP), YIELD ONE™ services …

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