Innity’s Application Process for Publishers

Innity’s Application Process for Publishers

Innity’s Application Process for Publishers

Recently, we have been receiving handful of comments asking about our site requirements as well as the application process of joining Innity’s network of publishers. In order to ensure a safe and strong network for our advertisers, there will be a few review and approval stages to overcome before becoming one of our valued publishers. Today, we outline the application process and we hope this answers any questions that you all might have.

The Application Process:

  • As soon as an application is received, we will immediately conduct preliminary checks and evaluations on the content of the site, applicant’s profile, and so on.
  • If they fulfill the basic requirements of the first stage, an email will be sent out asking for their site’s traffic. Here, applicants are strongly recommended to reply within a week to prevent their applications from being rejected.
  • Once the traffic is reviewed and found to be fitting to the requirements, a final approval decision will be made.
  • An email will be sent out to all applicants on their status. Successful applicants will be granted access to Innity’s Advenue platform to monitor existing ads along with their earnings.
  • However, rejected applicants are more than welcomed to reapply (at least 30 days later) after improving on their site and traffic to meet our requirements.

Usually, the whole process takes about a week if applicants revert to our emails quickly; and longer if they don’t.

Below are the minimum website requirements to be eligible to join our network of publishers. We know they might be somewhat difficult to achieve for some, as we continuously strive to provide our advertisers with the best websites to maintain high quality advertising content within our network. But of course, this in turn will increase the earning potential of our publishers. So here they are:

  • Websites must have a minimum of 100,000 page views per month on average
  • Websites must have a minimum of 20,000 Unique Visitors per month
  • Websites must be rich in quality content and will be updated frequently
  • Flexible with customizable ad formats/placements and any other advertising opportunities to optimize revenue
  • Traffic cannot be generated by utilizing any of the following methods:
    • Listings on newsgroups.
    • Unsolicited bulk commercial e-mailings.
    • Instant messenger postings.
    • Chat room postings.
    • Websites must NOT contain, produce or link to profane and/or adult content of any kind.
    • Websites must not contain audio/video download, online streaming and file-sharing content

Once again, do note that acceptance is subjective and may be based on other subjective criteria such as quality of content, user demographics, etc.

If you think your site fits the bill, apply with us now for a chance to maximize your site’s revenue! ;)

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