If You’re an SME in Malaysia, This Deal is For You!

Reach up to 3 MILLION potential customers with only RM500 a week with Reco Ad! Good news! During these challenging times, we will be selecting three brands each month to run our Reco Ads for FREE. Details below! What is Reco Ad? We recently launched the Innity Reco Ad that is specially designed for brands …

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How Octopus Hong Kong Used Spotify Ads to Reach Genz and Millennials

Since Innity Hong Kong’s partnership with Spotify was announced in April, we’ve been busy running audio campaigns for various clients and it has been equally exciting to see more advertisers turning their attention to the power of audio advertising! We’ve recently worked with Octopus Hong Kong to help create awareness on their latest campaign – …

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We’ve Launched Two New Ad Formats!

We’re excited to reveal not one, but TWO new ad formats this round! They are Reco Ad, and V.Vibe – both designed to help brands stand out, minimise ‘banner blindness’, and most importantly, increase engagements and conversions. First up we have Reco Ad. As its name suggests, Reco Ad is perfect for brands wanting to …

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Introducing our new Grow+ ad format!

Introducing our responsive Grow+ ad format! Our mobile grow ad format has been an all-time favourite for advertisers, so we’ve decided to make it available on desktop, with additional features! Similar to our mobile grow ad format, the ad progressively “grows” from just a simple video ad into a product panel as the user scrolls …

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Innity launches a New Premium Self-Serve Advertising Platform, Connecting Advertisers to Top Publishers in Hong Kong

Innity Hong Kong has launched the Innity Premium AdHub, a new self-serve advertising platform that allows brands and SME advertisers to run campaigns more openly on their own terms. The new self-serve advertising platform enables businesses of all sizes to tap into Innity’s network of more than 250 quality publishers and reach over 12 million …

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The Rise of Nano Influencers and Why They Are Effective for Campaigns

You might have seen a lot of new influencers applying and trying to join the digital marketing industry. Consumers have become more critical of traditional marketing strategies as they value authenticity and transparency more than ever. These up-and-coming influencers might be the next best thing for your subsequent campaigns.  Let us define what nano influencers …

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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

The digital marketing landscape is an ever-changing industry, as your audience’s behaviour is constantly developing as the market conditions do. As a marketer, retaining your audience’s attention is always a daunting task and being updated on the latest trends will help you stay ahead of the competition.  This 2023, the shift is already happening, but …

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Innity has been named as Vietnam’s TOP 10 Marketing Solution Providers by MMA SMARTIES Business Index

Innity has been ranked 4th on Vietnam’s Top 10 Marketing Solution Providers in 2021 by MMA SMARTIES Business Index, placing them among the ranks of Facebook, TikTok, and more. Conceived together with WARC, the MMA SMARTIES Business Impact Index is the first and only global modern marketing index that identifies, ranks, and awards top agencies, …

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