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Shopping Ads Brands Can Explore to Increase Sales

With brick and mortar stores affected during the pandemic, brands need to adapt to the needs of their customers by creating an online shopping experience instead. Given the change of consumer behavior and shopping patterns, retailers will be challenged to adapt to the situation as they transition to ecommerce. Even post-covid, as people fear catching …

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5 Reasons Why Brands Need To Partner With Mom Content Creators Now

With the new surge of incoming first-time moms being millennials, they are all very social media savvy. In fact, there is currently a rise of mom content creators. They are great at connecting with their followers and being able to produce quality and engaging content. These moms also know their way around various platforms, particularly on Instagram, and a few even having their own blogs.

This means that moms are also becoming more and more tech savvy. Read more to know why brands need to partner with mom content creators now.

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The End of Third-Party Cookies Jumpstarts the Comeback of Contextual Targeting

Goodbye, third-party cookies. As Google announces the removal of third-party cookies from its Chrome browser, digital advertisers are challenged to address the changes they have to adopt and innovate their advertising approach to effectively reach their consumers online. In recent years, issues on privacy, fraudulent and intrusive ads, and the need to comply with IAB …

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How to Reach and Expand Your Customers Online [Infographic]

During this lockdown period, if you go online, people are either posting Tiktok videos, answering Instagram templates, going live on Facebook, or taking up online courses on various websites. The bottom line is: People are online. With users having more screen time, you can go deeper than the usual data sources and create personalized interactive …

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Are You Part of the Solution?: What Brands Should Do At This Time of Crisis

The global pandemic has shaken businesses around the world causing a halt on operations which has led to leaders setting up an emergency meeting on how they can survive this crisis. This surely wasn’t part of the kick-off presentation during the start of the year, but just like in the digital industry, things can change …

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