How Octopus Hong Kong Used Spotify Ads to Reach Genz and Millennials

Since Innity Hong Kong’s partnership with Spotify was announced in April, we’ve been busy running audio campaigns for various clients and it has been equally exciting to see more advertisers turning their attention to the power of audio advertising! We’ve recently worked with Octopus Hong Kong to help create awareness on their latest campaign – …

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We’ve Launched Two New Ad Formats!

We’re excited to reveal not one, but TWO new ad formats this round! They are Reco Ad, and V.Vibe – both designed to help brands stand out, minimise ‘banner blindness’, and most importantly, increase engagements and conversions. First up we have Reco Ad. As its name suggests, Reco Ad is perfect for brands wanting to …

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Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical in Singapore goes Digital

China Tangshan, an established GMP-certified manufacturer of Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical products in Singapore, had just digitised their business with their very first E-commerce platform with Innity. Established in 1999, Innity is the leading digital media transformation partner, providing digital advertising, marketing and social commerce solutions for brands, agencies, advertisers, and publishers. With a strong presence …

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New Ad Format Alert! Say Hi to our new Stories Ad!

We are welcoming another highly immersive and interactive ad format, Stories! As the name suggests, this new format is very much similar to the Instagram stories layout everyone is familiar with.  With the attention span of ad viewers growing shorter, grabbing viewers’ attention instantly is crucial. What better way to do it than through a …

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Innity Awarded TAG Brand Safety and Anti-Fraud Certification on a Global Level

Good news! We’re proud to announce that we have been awarded the coveted TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal and Brand Safety Seal from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). TAG is an advertising initiative that aims to combat fraudulent and criminal activity while strengthening brand safety in the online advertising ecosystem.  As the ad industry’s largest …

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It is expected that display advertising will continuously grow and thrive further as we see the increasing number of online audiences which influence businesses to intensify their digital efforts. Advertisers are also seeking for more cost-efficient ways of reaching their target market, improving conversion, and driving more sales especially for Small and Medium Enterprises who …

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Insights: The Current E-commerce Landscape, Online Shopper Behaviors, and How to Maximize Digital Marketing for SMEs

Together with e-commerce, digital marketing continues to rise in the Asia Pacific region. In fact, it is no secret anymore that with the ongoing lockdowns and pandemic regulations imposed in different countries has resulted in more companies adapting to this online ecosystem in order to continue reaching and engaging with their respective target markets. And …

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Shorten Users’ Purchase Journey With Fast & Frictionless Shoppable Ads (Series 1)

In our previous article, 5 Powerful Reasons Why Shoppable Moments Creates A Wow Factor For Your Brand, we’ve explained briefly how Shoppable ads can be beneficial for brands in this digital era. We have touched on five important factors, and to give you more valuable insight on each of the five powerful reasons, we’ll explore the …

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