How to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

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We’re back with a light article for your reading pleasure. Having trouble gaining hits for your website? Don’t fret, we are going to provide you with little insights on how to increase traffic to your website.

What is the worth of a website without audience? The aim of publishing a website would be reaching as much audience as possible. It is very important for companies that market through websites or blogs to know the factors that will increase the traffic to their website. This is because more traffic means higher reachability to the audience.

The few factors are:

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One of the most important factors to increase traffic to your website is branding. When your brand is recognized by the audience, they can easily provide direct traffic to your website. For example, people would go directly to Google to search for something, for entertainment and Youtube for videos. Those websites had become their niche in the internet. Branding can definitely direct more traffic for your website. Here’s what you need to do: The design and layout of a website represents your brand and it’s important to keep your design elements consistent on every page. With that, it can create a unique website “ambience” that the audience can only experience when visiting your website. As a bonus, you should also include your logo consistently throughout your website because that can generate consistency and repetition of your logo and brand of the website.

Quick Tip: Less is more. Simplicity speaks louder than fancy design these days.

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Marketers should stop bombarding and blasting messages to their audience. Instead, marketers should listen to their audience. With that, it will generate interest for both parties to engage more on the website.  When interests are generated, it can lead to a long term situation in which it can benefit the traffic of your company’s website. Websites or blogs are places where people can socialize, discuss and communicate in ways that no other offline medium can replace. This is when the marketer comes in during the discussions to engage more with their audience. For example, instead of asking the audience to fill in the generic “contact us” form, you should provide people to communicate with the audience on social media. Create an account on the social media and communicate with the audience so that they will feel involved and build trust to your website.

Quick Tip: Try to reply the comments from the audience although there might be a few not-so-nice ones.



For a company to reach its terminal point in a race, they need to excel in what they do. Nowadays, there are too many websites that are struggling for attention. With that, the need to stand out from the crowd is optimum. Many companies failed to do so because they are set to go back into their comfort zone. They need to focus and excel in what their company aim to do. For example, from the many websites that provides online video streaming, Youtube aims to be the one with the widest variety of videos selection. So, if your website aims to provide a specific content, you need to keep your contents up-to date and focus on providing contents that is of good quality. Do what your website is supposed to do and excel in it so that your website can outdo the competitors. With that, the audience will automatically not consider to visit the competitor’s website.

Quick Tip: Research on your competitors to find out what your website is short of and find ways to enhance your website’s strengths.

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To generate frequency of visits by audience, a website has to be memorable in a positive way. Besides being user-friendly, minor elements like the website’s URL and layouts are also important. A website’s URL should be easily recognized and remembered. Complicating website URLs are mostly left ignored unless the website’s brand or content are unique. Layout of a website is important as well as it sets the mood for the audience. For example, a cluttered website would confuse the audience. An audience shouldn’t be left wondering where they are or what to do next once entering the website. All the minor things can either make or break a website. All you need to do is to keep your target audience in mind when building or designing a website because audience comes from various demographics and psychographics. For example, if your website caters to audience of older age, design should be less complicated and fonts should be bigger. That will make them feel comfortable when visiting your website which can gain traffic in the long term because they are keen to visit again.

Quick Tip: Avoid using confusing numbers for your website URLs. Bad example:

Quick Tip #2: Be consistent on your website’s color palette as colors have the power to make your audience recall and remember easily.

With the 4 factors, you can easily gain more traffic to your website. Hopefully this light article would come useful as a solution for you to increase traffic to your website.


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