Ushering in the new age of digital advertising:
The panoramic view!

Ushering in the new age of digital advertising:
The panoramic view!

From LAtimes

The digital marketing revolution is more like a never-ending skirmish, with no easily defined beginning, multiple fronts, and a finish line that nobody can identify. This is the guerilla environment in which today’s online marketer operates.

There are tools for the battle, of course. The question is: How do you efficiently find new consumers in today’s online jungle.

One option that’s achieving big victories is Panoramic from Adfusion. Here’s what makes a Panoramic ad different from – and more effective than – the other online advertising tools out there.

Instead of relying on a consumer to initiate a search to find you, or hoping you somehow find that golden needle in the digital haystack, a Panoramic ad starts with a traffic driver that pulls your target consumer in. Only people interested in what you are doing take the “plunge” to look at your actual Panoramic ad.

The Panoramic ad combines a variety of elements in a “content” environment that immediately puts consumers at ease: They feel like they’re learning because they are, and they’re making their own decisions on whether to keep interacting or not. These content elements include:

Video or videos
A Panoramic ad is usually anchored by one or more video assets, to serve consumers who like their information presented visually.

Custom-written article
Nothing conveys information like a well-written story. This article informs consumers about your product, destination or service; creates the need and desire to know more; and offers click opportunities for more details.

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