Links Roundup Wednesday!

Links Roundup Wednesday!

We tasked ourselves with a “Links Roundup Wednesday” every week where we will round up a bunch of useful and informative articles on a selected topic. We know all the hassle of searching for links and articles through the internet so we are doing it for you!

For a start, our topic for this week would be: Online Videos!

At this point, it doesn’t matter if you’re a publisher or an advertiser because online videos are definitely playing an important role for both of parties.

How To Choose An Online Video Platform

Men, women, kids and teens consume videos online at an ever increasing rate and thankfully, marketers are thirsty for even more opportunities to get in front of the resulting eyeballs via video advertising.

If you are publisher that is still early in the stages of launching your video publishing efforts, chances are you’re evaluating which online video platform (OVP) is the best fit for your needs. The right OVP will enable you to maximize the visitors and marketing dollars that come with having a video-enabled website. Read more here.

How To Produce Great-Looking Video For Youtube

When YouTube started, poor video quality and a young audience caused many organizations to ask, “Why bother?” Today, many Fortune 100 companies have their own corporate YouTube channels, as does the AARP. Many companies, including Deloitte and IBM, use YouTube to host the videos posted on their own corporate websites. At this point, if you’re not posting your videos on YouTube, it’s more appropriate to ask, “Why not?”

If confusion about the best way to post videos on YouTube was part of the reason, you’re reading the right article. Seasoned YouTube posters might also find value in this article, where I synthesize YouTube’s encoding recommendations, advice from several compression experts, a look at presets from common encoders, and the results of my own tests, to provide specific advice about how to configure your video for optimal quality and the most efficient upload time. Read more here.

How Online Videos Can Save You Money

Online videos on everything from DIY to maintaining you car can save you money on a range of potentially expensive jobs. Have you ever paid for a service that you suspected you could do yourself but were too scared to try? DIY is nothing new but what’s changed is that it’s now much easier to learn about how to do different tasks. That’s thanks to the rise of online video content. There are now thousand of online videos out there that provide detailed step-by-step guides on how to do loads of DIY tasks. Here are just a few examples. Read more here.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Video Advertising?

There are many different strategies that companies take to try to be successful in the world of online marketing. One of the newer strategies involves video marketing, in which videos are created and submitted to various websites as a form of search engine marketing. Video advertising is growing in popularity and is proving to be successful for many types of businesses and websites. Read more here.

Online Video Advertising 101

When internet video ads for The Voice commanded four more times the prices of television ads, it was clear that the online video advertising market had come to its own in Australia.While the industry has moved well past the debate around television versus online video advertising, there are still many questions when it comes to determining the best way to integrate online video into the mix. As ad buyers know, the demand for online video advertising locally far outstrips supply.  But as the number of premium online publishers in Australia can almost be counted on one hand, this isn’t a real surprise. What is surprising however is the number of advertisers who are yet to uncover the full benefits of buying online video ad space in ‘real-time’.  Read more here.

The future of online videos is definitely a promising one. There’s no need for an industry expert to conclude that the online videos are slowly taking over the internet.

So it is encouraging for publishers to consider on moving into producing video contents to garner more attention and traffic to your website. Whereas for advertisers, online videos will definitely increase the click through rates (CTR) for your ad campaigns. :)



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