Our takes on….. Online advertising!

Our takes on….. Online advertising!

Some loathe it, others love it, and then there are some who habours a love-hate relationship with it. But what do people in the industry think about when it comes to online advertising? We compiled a collection of musings from the hardworking people here at Innity.


Online advertising is:

1.     engaging the right audience to start conversations which are accounted.
2.     like a buffet, sample everything then decide what you want to fill your plate with.
3.     green, environmental friendly and paperless.
4.     sometimes investing so little and expecting miracles to happen
5.     like the iPhone, a new model every year but pretty much the same.
6.     like alcohol. Always finding the lethal combination to knock the ladies (advertisers/publishers) out.
7.     like drugs, it takes lot of curiosity before you click it; it needs to have impact to be engaged
8.     …wait for it….wait for it….wait for it…LEGENDARY!!
9.     a form of promotion that uses the Internet to deliver marketing messages.
10.  here to stay.
11.  an engagement. Once engaged, you can’t get rid of it.
12.  the reason why we are all here.
13.  turning someone’s fantasy into reality.
14.  the essence of my being; the passion in my soul!
15.  something to enjoy, absolutely not to be forced to watch.
16.  massively growing like a speedy roller coaster!
17.  something we need, we have to think of Innity somehow.
18.  like sex with Kim Kardashian.
19.  from zero to infinity of creativity & ideas.
20.  to modern advertising what fire was to the stone ages, an absolute indispensable.
21.  85% confusion and 15% commission.
22.  like your girlfriend, not just click-throughs, but actual quality time spent. Or else you’ll get bounced.

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