Townhall: Innity’s Satay Day!

Townhall: Innity’s Satay Day!

Once a month, Innity Malaysia will get together for some quality bonding and catching-up time, over some delicious finger snacks, and drinks of course! Being an intern, townhall is the time when we get to know more people in the office and…….slack! Shh.. Don’t let our supervisors hear that. What makes the people in the office curious this time is the location of the event. It used to be in the office but they are organizing it at an open area below the office. Word already in mind, COOL!

Also, the committee decided to call it a different name this time around and yeah they did make it sound more interesting by stating that there will be games and guess what? There are PRIZES to be won too. Prizes didn’t happened last townhall, so this already sounds exciting. The clock ticks and it’s already 15 minutes after 5pm. People are still in the office running around working on their tasks at hand and there comes a voice “Guys! Please proceed to P Floor now for Townhall!” yelled Nicholas.


Then he yelled for the second and third time. Okay, this time, we can see people packing their desks, inching their way out of the office. At around 530pm, we successfully emptied out the office and proceeded to the event location.

Oh by the way, here’s a shot of the event location from 5 levels above.

Once we arrived, all we see is food, people and food. Wait, did I say food already?

More and more people were seen coming out from the elevator and we are joined by the lovely people from our sibling companies.  Now, it’s party time!

The committees rounded everyone up into a circle and started to give speeches. To be honest, I was only looking at the tables of food and cartons of drinks. Okay, bad intern award.

What’s more? One of the bosses himself decided to grace the event and gave a good ol’ opening speech.

Moving on, we proceeded to the usual “newbie introductory session” where all the newcomers introduced themselves. To be completely honest, it was kind of awkward right until one of the newcomer decided to rap his intro speech. BRAVO!

Celebrating the August Babies Birthday was also one of the highlights of the event. There they are with their birthday hats on looking all blushed and shy!  It was so fun to find out the person that actually sits beside/behind you is an August baby!

So after all that, it’s time to get down to business. Games time! Out of all the games that the committee could prepare, they decided to organize an “Ais Kacang” Competition. Yes, “Ais Kacang” eating competition. We were separated into groups of 7 and there’s only one rule in the game: Finish up that bowl of Ais kacang in the fastest time!

Look at them! Eating “Ais Kacang” is a serious job, okay!

Last but not least, the part where everyone was waiting for! Time to feast! Okay, feast is too big of a word but the food was great and uber delicious!

The satays were all gone in….. 30 seconds? Looking at the reactions of the happy faces, the satays must be really good!

After the food-indulging session, everyone stayed back and chit chatted with a drink or two. This is such a great way to wind back and relax with people that we usually don’t have time to talk to at the office. Looking at the transition of things where people in the office started off with being unmotivated towards the event and then to having quality tummy-filling time in the end, events like this should be organized more often to bring the people in the company in union and also to inspire them outside of their office cubicles.

Personally, I don’t know how the committee has time amidst their hectic workload to come up with such an awesome event. KUDOS to them! 

Til then, I’m sure people are anticipating for the next townhall! :)



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