Keepin’ em Inspirations Floodin’ In

Keepin’ em Inspirations Floodin’ In
The creative mind needs to be constantly fed. So here’s a list of some oh-so-ohsem campaigns we’ve gathered around the web. I’ll tell you this. We’ve landed on some pretty cool stuff.
Vivienne Westwood’s Non Tacere Campaign
Vivienne Westwood shocked Milan’s Fashion District on 25th November 2012. To raise awareness about domestic violence in conjunction of  International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the British fashion designer used mannequins in the window display of her flagship store to bring out the the disquieting statistic that 1 in 3 women are victims of domestic violence in the country. The display wasn’t shockingly graphic, but one could easily get chills down the spine as the mannequin’s incredibly detailed face stares back from behind the glass.


Perrier’s Secret Place Campaign
Looks like there’s a pattern with creative campaigns and beverages (alcoholic beverages in particular). They seem to keep coming up with the good stuff.
This one from Perrier takes form of a digital experience called “The Secret Place”. It’s a full screen interactive game where you search for hidden treasure in a secret party. You can switch between the 6 characters and experience the very special evening party in their shoes, and ultimately – find the golden girl which will unlock the chance to win a trip to the Carnival in Rio, Ibiza in Spain, St. Tropez in France, Art Basel in Miami or New Year’s Eve in Sydney.
Intrigued? Experience the party here.


Meas Beer Viral Campaign
Maes is a the 2nd most popular beer in Belgium, but the market leader was outselling them 4:1. And they did what everyone would do during times of need. Reach out to family (fun fact, Maes is the 3rd most common name in the country). With the help of the creative folk at TBWA Belgium, they invited all the Maes in Belgium to a free barrel of beer each that they could share with their friends. To make sure the beer was shared, the news was publicized (via TV, Print, Outdoor and Digital, you name it) and that started a whole lot of conversation on facebook requesting Maes for free beer. The campaign was a huge success leading to +75,000 Facebook likes in 1 day and even over 7,000 changing their facebook last name to Maes for a free barrel!


Metropole Tweetphony
This could be the coolest campaign that involved the use of Twitter. The Metropole Orchestra in Amsterdam was under threat due to budget issues, so they came up with a plan. To raise awareness of its plight,they launched the Metropole Tweetphony, allowing twitter users from around the world to tweet their own 140 character composition and have it added to other crowd sourced compositions and played out by the orchestra. During the live performance, the orchestra tweeted back a video of the performance to the twitter users that have had their tweet selected and performed.


Dove Beauty Sketches
Dove’s marketing has always revolved around the “discover your true beauty” theme and it has been working well thus far. It’s understandable. Women have always been their worst critic in terms of physical appearances. In fact, only 4% of the females around the globe consider themselves beautiful. To support their case for true beauty, Dove hired a forensic artist to sketch out the faces of women based on their own description and that of a stranger. Guess what?
Yep. You’re more beautiful than you think you are.
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