The Glorious Return of Townhall

The Glorious Return of Townhall

<Glamorous opening with Lord of The Rings theme song in background>

There was a legend.

Of a monthly meeting held within the compounds of Innity Malaysia’s office.
Where people would gather. Have fun. Bond. Feast. Compete. Gain some weight nomming food and drinking booze. Win prizes from games.
But then came the dark days, where work went from Mount Kinabalu and evolved into Mount Everest and the legend….was forgotten. Only to be occasionally thought of and talked about its’ past glory in reminiscence.

Until that one day. The legend was brought back to life.

The Innity Townhall is back.

</end glamorous opening>

Time: 5pm
Location : Secret Hideout

People filling up the empty spaces. Hungry. Food nomming while waiting.

Time: 5.13pm
Location : Secret Hideout

Introduction of the newbies.
NOTE: Number of newbies implicitly suggests how long townhall haven’t been held.

Time: 5.23pm
Location : Secret Hideout

Sharing session on the company’s annual trip to Bali. Look, the guys dressed up for the sharing!

Time: 5.35pm
Location : Secret Hideout

Divided into groups. Game of Charades. WITH PRIZES.
Winning team wiped out the rest with a whopping a lot (it came to a point where no one bothered to keep count anymore) to something.

Time: 6.17pm
Location : Secret Hideout

Birthday babies celebration!

Time: 6.32pm
Location : Secret Hideout

So….right when we were cleaning up after townhall, Brandon (our HR guy) tried to convince us to do the Harlem Shake.


Teehee.Now I wonder when the next townhall would be…. :D

Hey! I just realized we covered one of our townhalls here!

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