Inside Innity: 8 Post-It Uses That You Don’t Know

Inside Innity: 8 Post-It Uses That You Don’t Know

This is a post-it note.

Usually used for making reminders to self or other people about stuff that needs to be done, or something of that sort.

But wait. The uses are not limited to just that.
Inside Innity’s office, we’ve discovered several other uses of the post-it notes that we think are worth sharing.


What else you ask?

Here’s the list:

1) Giving encouragement.
And also reminding people not to work late because ghosts come out at night.
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2) A reminder to respect those who are fasting during the Ramadan month

3) Summarize someone’s job scope

4) Promote the culture of expressing thoughts without inhibition
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5) Ponder upon the meaning of things

6) Description of the monument that is recently erected

7) Mantra to suppress bad spirits
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