More Banner Ads That Will Blow Your Mind!

More Banner Ads That Will Blow Your Mind!


So we’ve been on a hiatus for quite some time. Not without good reason of course. We’re cooking up a new look for our website – and hey, just in time for a brand new year! We’ll be revealing it soon, so keep an eye on this space and the main site! ;)

Now to back to this blog post!

We know that it’s interesting to see how much creativity can make a humble banner ad stand out and make a lasting impression, and of course the amount of inspiration we can draw from them. There’s no end to the amount of talent that are working on and offline on these projects, and we thought it’d be best to continue sharing these awesome pieces of work.

So here’s another list of banner ads that we’ve gathered from the web that will once again make you go WOW :)


If you like the Peanuts comic strip, you’ll love this one. This ad, created by MetLife for its’ “I Can Do This” campaign, features Schroeder at a piano. This interactive banner asks the viewer to help Schroeder with his big performance by pressing the computer keys at a certain tempo to get Schroeder to play. Thematically, the ad fits in with the campaign’s theme, which encourages the viewers to take the first step to overcoming a seemingly daunting task.

If you’re interested in seeing how the actual thing works, you can head on to MetLife’s facebook page to check it out!


We think this banner is worth mentioning because of it’s practicality. Despite it’s minimalistic view, everything you need to asses your phone data/call usage is jam packed into this 300×250 flash banner. For users looking for a plan to suit their needs, it’s a nice thought that do all that without leaving your browser. And of course, if you think the recommendation suits you, the product page is just one click away.

Click here for the demo!


We’ve all seen those Youtube masthead that are remarkable in their own way. Not sure which inspired which – but this one nailed it for us mainly because of the tag line “fight for every yard” at the very end of the ad. Now that’s enforcing your point.


Russia’s parking douche is a brilliant guerrilla marketing idea that utilizes a crowdsourcing app and banners across multiple websites. Utilizing the idea of public shaming sentence to raise awareness towards the uncontrollable parking situation in Russia, the goal of this campaign was to “make such practice socially unacceptable using digital media”. We’d say the objective was well achieved based on the results they’ve shared.

Check out the site here.


We had to add this in because of its awesomeness. This ad is probably the first company to creatively utilize Twitter’s 140 characters limit to create a moving ad, like, you know, some of the messages that we used to receive in the phones that had snakes as the only game. This banner ad was composed of 456 tweets on the brand’s Twitter page, creating an animated car moving through the city. Creative, and cute.

Said twitter here.

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