Innity Townhall: Halloween Party 2015

Innity Townhall: Halloween Party 2015

Last October, our monthly Innity Townhall celebrated Halloween in the most colourful way possible which brought a lot of joy to everyone. Yes, we had our HALLOWEEN PARTY in the office!


Our Innity townhall committee did a great job in decorating the office.


We prepared light refreshments and pizzas for everyone that attended the party. Furthermore, we also had a best dressed award and a group competition for the party!

Let’s see how creative our Innity Staffs were.

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And here are more awesome photos of individual shots!


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Our regional offices gladly joined in the fun and played dress up in their respective offices too!


Halloween Greeting from Innity Indonesia


Halloween Greeting from Innity Hong Kong


Halloween Greeting from Innity Vietnam



Halloween Greeting from Innity Thailand

ph all

Halloween Greeting from Innity Philippine

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