Industry Round Up – Native Advertising

Industry Round Up – Native Advertising

When you see the phrase “native advertising” – do you think of content marketing and wonder what’s the difference between that and native advertising? No doubt, it is a tricky practice as there are a lot of marketers and agency executives inaccurately using content marketing and native advertising.

This month, we’ve decided to share with you a lil’ bit on the importance of native advertising to many businesses; the examples, benefits and best practices of native advertising, the difference between content marketing and native advertising and of course, the latest native advertising trends in APAC.



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What Small Businesses Should Know About Using Native Ads

Native ads can be an effective alternative to the banner ad, and more businesses seem to be taking note. However, not everyone is fully utilizing it the right way to drive growth. Some may not fully understand the term of native advertising just yet. Basically, they’re ads designed to look more like content, as opposed to the traditional banner ads. They fit and blend directly into content, as opposed to pushed outside of the content. Read More



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Native Ads Are the Backbone of Business In These 3 Industries

Native ads embed quizzes, articles, videos, infographics and more into the context of a host piece. They offer something to the user such as information, entertainment or solutions — all of which blend into the background of whatever platform they appear. Read More



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Native Advertising 101: Examples of Native Ads

It’s rare that you find a game-changing technology that’s likely to change the advertising business model as much as native advertising. Native advertising opens up entirely new channels of content distribution for content marketers. Much like content marketing, native advertising works better when the content provides a clear value to the reader. Here are a few examples of the various kinds of native advertising! Read More 



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10 Crucial Best Practices for Native Advertising

When it comes to native advertising, there are 3 different segments that we need to understand in order to make the most out of it. The 3 segments are social media, editorial contents and image-based native ads. Most of the articles that we read about native advertising are usually on social media and editorial contents. Hence, here are the tips for creating effective image-based native ad campaigns. Read More 



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Native Advertising and the Content Marketing Revolution

Native advertising and content marketing are terms on many advertisers’ and publishers’ minds these days, as all players in the digital ad industry try to overcome the perceived weaknesses of traditional display formats. Read More 



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Native Advertising Definitions Continue To Confuse

One of the most vexing questions to people trying to make sense of native advertising which is also referred to as branded content, brand journalism and sponsored content, is that the terms are used interchangeably. The terms mean different things to different publishers, brand marketers and other stakeholders. Read More 


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Understanding Native Advertising Trends in Asia-Pacific 

Native advertising is seeing growing interest among marketers and agencies in Asia-Pacific, with benefits like stronger consumer engagement and better credibility with consumers cited as key factors for embrace of the format. Read More 

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