Innity’s Campaigns of the month [October]

Innity’s Campaigns of the month [October]

A great advertising campaign can definitely boost your sales and also increase brand awareness. Check out some of our creative campaigns below that we did in October! Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.



Volvo S90 [SG]

Recently, Volvo launched their new car S90 and wanted to drive attention towards the new model. Therefore, they opted for our high impact mobile first view to gain awareness among online users. Video is one of the best ways to effectively showcase a car so we suggested and created an ad that included Volvo’s promotional video with audio to catch the attention of users. Users were directed to the official website for more info upon tapping on it.


Advertiser: Wearnes Automotive
Agency: Mindshare Singapore
Product: Innity Mobile First View



Caltex Techron [MY]

Caltex comes back with their new and improved technology on their petrol. They promoted it by using our new ad format, Mobile Cards to gain brand awareness. The ad format appears at the bottom of the page as a deck of cards where users can swipe to reveal the sequence of images and videos of the campaign, thus increasing the interactivity between brands and users. Users could also watch Caltex’s promotional video and tap to find out more.

Advertiser: Caltex
Agency: MEC Global Malaysia
Product: Innity Mobile Cards



Quaker: Oatsome Campaign [MY]

Quaker wanted to reward its customers by organizing a bonanza to give away vouchers. Innity worked with Quaker to promote the exciting campaign by using the popular Innity Lightbox ad unit to attract more people to join the bonanza. Users engaged with the standard banner ad to expand it into a carnival-themed Lightbox. Users could follow the simple steps within the ad to win the rewards.

Advertiser: Pepsi-Cola International, Cork
Agency: Mindshare Malaysia
Product: Innity Lightbox



Castrol Service & Win [MY]

We are glad to finally showcase our new ad format, Mobile Cube to the public! Castrol used the Mobile Cube to promote their latest contest, where it offered users a visually captivating 3D experience right within a page. The Cube provided info on the contest as it rotated automatically to reveal all sides. This captivating new experience successfully drew users towards the ad.

Advertiser: Castrol Malaysia
Agency: Mindshare Malaysia
Product: Innity Mobile Cube



Sony Pictures: Billy Lynn’s [MY]

We all love watching trailers before a movie at the cinemas. What makes the Lightbox an all-time marketers’ favorite is that it is engaging and impactful. This time, we designed a lightbox ad for Sony Pictures to promote their new movie called Billy Lynn’s. User could roll over the banner ad and expand it into a Lightbox where the movie trailer would play automatically with audio, drawing the users to watch the trailer from beginning to the end. Last but not least, users could click on the social buttons to follow Sony’s social sites for the latest updates.

Advertiser: Sony Pictures
Agency: Omnicom Media Group (M) Sdn Bhd
Product: Innity Lightbox


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