Industry Round Up: Interactive Content

Industry Round Up: Interactive Content

Get your act together, because your competitors will leave you far behind. Remove all the dull and static content in favor of one that is engaging and interactive, and one that will get you more engagements, shares, conversions, and wider reach.

Hence, the round-up on the things that you need to know about interactive content.

Make Them Feel Special: Why Interactive Content is the Future of Personalization

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In the past few years, the saying “content is king” has replaced the age-old rule of “the customer is king.” Instead of having to determine which of the two should rule, let’s look at the combination of both, which is personalized content. Read More

10 Ways to Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content

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By transforming your static content into an interactive one will enable it to become a powerhouse of high engagement and conversion. Provide them with a useful experience, while providing yourself with loads of behavioral insights that can feed your marketing automation machine. Read More

4 Tips for Using Interactive Content 

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Interactivity won’t do all the work, though — focusing your eye on its place in your strategy will allow you to reap the content’s biggest rewards. Using it strategically can lend a marketing edge and boost lead generation and audience reach as well as gauge the pulse of audience attention. Read More

Interactive Content Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

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As the digital world becomes more challenging for marketers, the need for innovative strategies arise. So what’s ticking in interactive content this year? Read More

How to Drive Sales Through Interactive Content – CoffeeDesk Case Study

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Interactive content – quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments – builds lasting engagement. Unique relationships developed this way can be easily turned into web traffic. Check out how CoffeeDesk uses their quiz to promote content and drive sales. Read More

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