[May 2018: Top Creative] Have You Watched the Jurassic World 2?

[May 2018: Top Creative] Have You Watched the Jurassic World 2?

Advertiser: United International Pictures
Agency: Mindshare Malaysia
Product: Innity Mobile Spin+

United International Pictures has launched a campaign to raise awareness for its new movie release – Jurassic World 2.

One of the latest products of Innity, Mobile Spin+, had been used to run the promotional campaign for the movie release. Mobile Spin+ is an overlay ad with a spinnable display that resembles a disc at the bottom of the ad. The ad format was able to grab users’ attention while triggering their interest to interact with the ad unit as it comes with a call-to-action button that prompts them to spin the ad unit for more content on the movie. Once users have clicked on the disc, the ad would enlarge and expand into a full-page overlay ad with more information regarding the ad campaign.

To provide users with a better understanding on the new movie, United International Pictures has included a full trailer of the movie as well as the movie release details on the overlay ad. Moreover, once users click on the overlay ad, they will be directed to a micro-site which consists of all the information of the new movie.

Click on “Jurassic World 2” if you want to experience the ad unit for yourself.

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