INNITY Digital Workshop for Tourism Malaysia, 2010

INNITY Digital Workshop for Tourism Malaysia, 2010

Innity has recently conducted a workshop for the Tourism Malaysia Marketing Team to share the knowledge and insights on “Online Marketing” and how it works. In half a day we managed to touch all of the following topics:

-The Internet and how it started
-Digital Marketing
-Online Market Research
-Display Advertising
-Social Marketing
-Search Engine Marketing
-Search Engine Optimization
-Mobile Marketing
-Web Development
-Tracking and Measurement

To say the least, it was a very positive experience, especially thanks to such a receptive and curious audience. Interesting questions, acute comments and above all the strive to learn more about the digital industry made it a very productive and interesting workshop. We had a lot of fun and hope to conduct more workshops for our clients in future!

Here’s our photo-report:









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