The advantages of mobile marketing

The advantages of mobile marketing

By Rhia George, Marketing Communications Manager, Innity

With marketing being present in every pore of modern existence, it’s no wonder that advertising exists on every single medium possible. In order for a business to connect with its market successfully, new and innovative forms of advertising must be deployed complemented by traditional methods. Mobile marketing is one such example of a business reaching out to their audience efficiently using an effective technique. In fact, this makes sense for both large and small businesses. Listed below are some of the key advantages for enterprises that adopt this route of promoting their brand.

a)      In comparison with email marketing and other new forms of advertising, mobile advertising is more effective in that there are higher chances that a consumer will view an SMS/ click through an ad on a site using their mobile phone over read an email promoting your product.

b)      The increased usage of mobile phones goes to show how essential the device has become for individuals in their everyday life. This increased demand for mobile services will help continue to spur the growth of mobile marketing.

c)       With the growing popularity of Smart Phones with large screens, mobile advertisers are able to use creative methods to reach out to their audience using rich media ensuring that the ads are interactive, have high impact and are highly engaging.

d)      Seeing as mobile phones are always on enabling people to be constantly connected, this form of advertising proves to be more time-efficient in its communication outreach than many other channels. There are higher chances of a consumer reading your message when you want them to read them.

e)      Mobile advertising can offer you the advantage of location awareness providing you with both proximity data and location based services. This will enable you to serve ads better to your customers according to their geographic presence.

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