‘Tips and Tricks’ to maximize your Innity Performance Network earnings

‘Tips and Tricks’ to maximize your Innity Performance Network earnings

By Yew Wei Sin, Digital Product & Media Specialist, Innity

Innity’s Performance Network is South East Asia’s largest affiliate marketplace for online advertisers, agencies and publishers that specialize in pay for performance advertising. Below are some tips and tricks for publishers on how to make more using this network:

1) Ad Inventory

Ad formats are like a candy jar; if you have only 1 jar you can never fill it with more than a jar. If you think certain ad sizes might not be suitable for your webpage layout, we offer you formats that can be added in without altering the existing layout. Try putting up Innity propriety ad formats such as the Balloon ad and Bottomsup ad; they don’t consume all your ad space and you will be surprised to see how well they perform!

2) Ad Placement and Formats

a) Understand your webpage and user behavior on the page better in order to place your ads at the most effective spots. Different ad formats tend to work differently depending on the placement. For example, above the fold ads normally work better than below the fold ads. Observe the ad placement’s performance over a period of time and try out different combinations to determine which works best. But remember not to clog up your page with too many ads. You do not want to shoo your readers away with a site cluttered with ads!

b) Choosing a suitable ad format is very much related to the nature of your website. If your website has a lot of text, you can opt for the Dynamic In-Text format which needs to be paired with keywords or even place your display banner at the bottom of the content. Studies show that ads placed at the end of articles tend to do well even though they’re below the fold (Kaiser, 2007).

3) Alternate Ad

We understand that your website is a source of revenue for you and our tools are designed to help you get the maximum out of it.  The ‘alternate ad’ feature in Advenue does precisely that. We provide free hosting service for your own ads to be hosted as an alternative to the Innity ads. You can run ads from other networks or an in-house ad and rotate them with Innity’s paid ads. Sounds like a plan? You can find the simple instructions on your Advenue FAQ section.

4) Marketing

A website’s advertising revenue always directly relates to its traffic.  Hence promoting and driving traffic to your website is very important to increase earnings. If your website registers tremendous growth in traffic, do send us an update. Also, if you are looking for premium advertising opportunities, you can always prepare a media kit and rate card for the site. We will be more than willing to help you with this. When we have suitable clients for your website, these would come in handy.


Kaiser, S.E., 2007. Banner Ads: The Best Performing Banner Ad Sizes, Formats, Locations, and Colors. [Online]8 October. Available at <http://websitetips.com/articles/marketing/banneradsizes/#best-ad-locations

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