Online Video Advertising is the way to go!

Online Video Advertising is the way to go!

According to eMarketer, video is and will continue to be the fastest-growing format in online advertising. Spending for video ads hit $1.42 billion in 2010, but will reach $7.11 billion in 2015. That’s because video “generates greater audience attention than other digital ad formats,” says David Hallerman, eMarketer’s principal analyst.

And we couldn’t agree more.

Not too long ago, advertisers were limited to print, email, radio, and TV to reach their target audience. Today, few marketing campaigns can be considered complete if they do not comprise online ads, video, social media, mobile, and more. Currently, online video viewership is reaching new records each month, presenting a perfect chance for media buyers to tap into the vast video audience. Advertisers can also choose which channels they’d like to advertise on, exact audience to show the video to, and many more custom preferences. Additionally, video ads are also measurable too as opposed to TV ads!

Meanwhile, we were going through our daily dose of mindless surfing, sorry, researching, and we stumbled across a post on Mashable highlighting the 20 most shared video advertisements last month. Here’s a peek at one video advertisement by T-Mobile on what happens when people use a smartphone to play a life-size version of Angry Birds…

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