Frost & Sullivan’s Top Seven Predictions for
Digital Media in 2013

Frost & Sullivan’s Top Seven Predictions for
Digital Media in 2013

2012 is coming to a close and it’s that time again to look into our respective crystal balls and predict the future of Digital. One of the first few predictions comes from Frost & Sullivan. Let us know your thoughts!
1) The impact of tablets on the digital media landscape will accelerate

“As behaviour patterns become more entrenched over the next few years, the impact on consumer behaviour is expected to increase significantly.”

2) The online video advertising market will grow rapidly

“It is increasingly being perceived by both advertising agencies and large brands as a crucial part of the overall advertising mix.”

3) The online video market will take significant market share from traditional broadcasting market

“A growing pool of light TV watchers is now watching online video across a range of devices. Increased use of smartphones and tablets has led to much higher levels of multi-tasking.”

4) Social media will continue to gain popularity as an advertising medium

“Organisations now recognise that they risk failing to connect with a significant online audience if they do not incorporate social media into their marketing strategies.”

5) Ad exchanges will become a crucial part of the online advertising ecosystem

“Purchasing of advertising inventory on ad exchanges is expected to increase dramatically during 2013, in line with trends in more advanced markets such as the US.”

6) Integration of mobile advertising with other channels will become more widespread

“Mobile advertising is becoming an increasingly important piece of the overall advertising ecosystem (both offline and online), rather than being viewed as a standalone product.”

7) Mobile search will grow strongly

“Google and Bing will continue to invest significant resources in improving mobile search functionality in 2013 as search query volumes through handheld devices increase rapidly.”

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