All You Need To Know About RTB

All You Need To Know About RTB

Some time last week, we came across “Behind the Banner” – which, with its stunning graphics that described the process of how programmatic buying of digital ad works, by breaking down the milliseconds of each ad impression to the players in the field.


Which inspired this compilation post of informative articles on real time bidding.

First up.  Here’s Zac Froud explaining the difference between real-time bidding and programmatic buying in less than 200 words.

Which looks something like this.
what-is-RTBBut of course that’s not the entire article. To read the full thing, click here.

While we’re on the topic of real-time bidding, next up is Brian Wallace on retargeting.

Back in July, we’ve announced our partnership with Facebook’s Real Time Bidding platform – Facebook Exchange (FBX). And we have a good many reasons why this partnership will help marketers who work with Innity in stretching their marketing efforts on top of maximizing their localized reach in the South East Asia region. This next article elaborates on an infographic describing the different strengths of web retargeting and Facebook Exchange; and also pinpoints why we’ve included FBX into our vast range of offerings.

And the infographic that it’s talking about:

While originally conceived as an advertiser-focused solution, RTB is undeniably a two-way relationship, and the most important promise that RTB holds for publishers is increasing the value of ad impressions. Therefore it’s imperative that publishers understand the RTB landscape so that they would be able to successfully harness RTB ad dollars to their benefit.

With that point in mind, here’s an article from admonsters talking about 10 things publishers should know about RTB.

And finally, moving on to the process at the end of the line – real-time reporting and analytics that inherently makes the RTB auction system one that is more transparent. As we move towards that direction, here’s a list of top benefits by Michael Driscoll that buyers, publishers and exchanges can leverage to fine-tune the many controls that can be adjusted to improve online advertisement performance.



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