Innity’s Campaigns of the Month!

Innity’s Campaigns of the Month!

Have you seen our Campaigns of the Month? Keeping it short and simple, this month’s campaigns include several Lightbox campaigns from BSN, Smart Telecommunications, Liang Court, and a pre-roll from Lays.

Check out the demos in the link down below!

Innity Lightbox – BSN Visa Platinum Master Credit Card
Advertiser: Bank Simpanan Nasional
Network: Premium and Run of Network on News, Business & Finance, Lifestyle, Shopping, Entertainment, Social & Community channels
Country: Malaysia

Our collaboration with Malaysia’s Bank Simpanan Nasional to promote the new BSN Visa Platinum Master Credit Card resulted in something pretty awesome. The campaign designed to highlight the ongoing credit card promotion was shared on Innity’s Network, and over a million impressions were served. Over 25,000 people engaged with the Lightbox, resulting in a Engagement Rate and Click-Through Rate that well exceeded the respective industry standards of 2% and 0.2%. This campaign also ran on the pages of several local publishers, Sinchew, Harian Metro and The Star.


Innity Lightbox – Smart Universe 2014
Advertiser: Smart Telecommunication
Network: Run of Network on Blogs, Entertainment, Food & Dining, Games, Lifestyle, Music, News, Shopping, Social Community, Technology channels
Country: Philippines


We worked with Smart Telecomunications to promote their plans in Philippines with Innity’s propriety Lightbox. The production of the campaign was simple and to the point, incorporating a TVC preview and social sharing options to communicate a centralized message. By the end of the campaign, over 15,000 people engaged with the ad, and it raked an Engagement Rate and Click-Through Rate of that surpassed the industry standards of 2% and 0.2% respectively.


Innity Lightbox – Liang Court 2014
Advertiser: Liang Court
Agency: Screame Pte Ltd
Network: Run of Network on Parenting, Women, Entertainment, Social & Community channels
Country: Singapore

 liang court

To promote Liang’s Court recent promotion, this Lightbox campaign served to raise awareness about the ongoing events surrounding the promotion. To narrow down the audience pool, we targeted only local IPs, and utilized tabs during the production to categorize the various ongoing activities throughout the duration of the event. By the end of the campaign, over 600,000 impressions were served and garnered a CTR that is well over the industry standards of 0.2%, and had viewers engaging with the ad for an average of 17 seconds.


Pre-Roll – PepsiCo Lay’s 2014
Advertiser: Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co., Ltd
Agency: mInteraction Co.,Ltd.
Country: Thailand


We worked with Lays to raise awareness towards their brand in Thailand. The result of this collaboration was an EnRoll Pre-Roll campaign with over 550,000 views served on Innity’s Video Network, and achieving a CTR over the industry benchmark and a video completion rate of 70% the end of the campaign.


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