Pumping Up Analytics & Reporting Solutions with Klarity

Pumping Up Analytics & Reporting Solutions with Klarity

We’ve recently teamed up with Social Media Broadcast (SMB) to boost our social analytics offerings to marketers in Hong Kong.

On top of display analytics via Innity’s Advenue, marketers can now buy in to utilize Klarity’s social media analytics via Innity. Developed by SMB, the social analytics tool allows marketers to gain marketing insights from social data and monitor brands across multiple social media platforms.

Powered by a proprietary analytical engine, Klarity gives access to social big data, allowing marketers to efficiently and effectively gather social intelligence on your competitors while monitoring your brand. With the access to relevant metrics, marketers can also measure performance, benchmark against the competition and identify market trends.

Contact our HK team (hk.media@innity.com) for more details on this!

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