Innity’s Campaigns of the Month!

Innity’s Campaigns of the Month!

The ads we are featuring this month calls out to everyone who is open to try something new. Food lovers will like Expedia’s Lightbox; and if you’re looking for a bit of fun while shopping go check out Ikeas. Also be prepared to fall in love with the newest Canon DSLR, or learn more about Pampers new baby diapers, and be amazed with what Nestle and XOX has to offer.

Innity Lightbox – Expedia Sudah Makan Domestic Hotel Sales
Advertiser: Expedia
Agency : Carat Media Service
Network: Targeting News, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Business & Finance, Youth, Shopping, Travel, Women Channels
Country: Malaysia


Have we mentioned how much we like these Expedia ads? The banners takes the role of your enthusiastic friend who ajaks you out for a meal, and like the Lightbox amazes you with the wealth of knowledge they have about the local delicacies throughout the 13 states in Malaysia. Check out the demo, and you’ll be hooked – like the viewers who spent up to 3 minutes on the ad going through the recommended dishes. You’ll also find it easy to share the excitement of discovery with the social sharing features incorporated within the ad.

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Innity Lightbox – Ikea Chinese New Year Sales
Advertiser: Ikea
Agency : OMD
Network: Targeting News, Women, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Business & Finance Channels
Country: Singapore


Ikea’s Chinese New Years ad reminds us that its high time for a house makeover with the most entertaining puns. The balloon ad invites viewers to click in to view what Ikea has to offer for the festive season, and engaged audience will be pleasantly surprised with how much information the brand packed into the ad. The ad was served to over 1 million viewers, and received an Engagement Rate beyond the industry benchmark.

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Welcome Video – Nestle Drumstick
Advertiser: Nestle
Agency: Zenith Optimedia
Network: Targeting Male & Female Audience, Aged 15-44
Country: Philippines


Nestle takes over a site to share with you some good news – they are giving out prizes for a very festive season and would like you to join in the fun. With a TVC explaining the mechanics and prizes of the campaigns, the user doesn’t have to leave the site to be enthused in partaking the campaign. The ad garnered a CTR that was well above the industry benchmark.

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Mobile First View – Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Advertiser: Canon
Agency: Mindshare
Network: Targeting Technology, Entertainment, Travel, Lifestyle, Business & Finance, News, Parenting Channels
Country: Hong Kong


Canon tapped into mobile to announce the launch of the newest 7D model. Taking over the whole screen, the ad’s header features a print ad of the camera, with an additional video that allows viewers to view the TVC to learn more about its new features. Viewers can also put the video in full screen mode to let the beauty of the 7D sink in better. The ad garnered a CTR that was well above the industry benchmark, and had viewers captivated with it close to 1 minute.

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Social Hub – XOX
Advertiser: XOX
Country: Malaysia


XOX’s #SocialHub pulls from a variety of social media sources including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram and aggregates it all to one landing page. The XOX #SocialHub gives viewers access to all socially shared information of the brand, keeping them up-to-date about the latest promotions the brand has to offer.

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Mobile Engage – Pampers Leapfrog
Advertiser: P&G
Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group
Network:Targeting Lifestyle, News, Parenting, Shopping & Women Channels
Country: Hong Kong


Targeting parents, P&G’s invites users to find out more about the latest Pampers Leapfrog with Innity’s Mobile Engage format. The initial mobile expands to take over the mobile device’s screen giving interested parents options to register their interest to receive a trial pack, or learn more about the new Pampers within the ad itself. Engaged viewers spent over 1 minute navigating the ad, finding out more about Pampers newest offering.

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