Innity’s Programmatic Quiz

Innity’s Programmatic Quiz

Welcome to Innity's Programmatic Quiz !

Previously, we've done a quiz on mobile advertising and it is great to say that y'all really know your stuff! Hence, we've decided to challenge you with a programmatic advertising quiz.

Can you pass it? It's time to test your programmatic knowledge with the quiz.

This time around, Innity will be giving out our limited edition notebook to 15 people who gets 13 questions or more correct. Don't worry, we'll be delivering it over to you.

Good luck and have fun!

The simplest way to explain what “programmatic advertising” is:

Which APAC country has the highest programmatic ad spend?

The downside to programmatic advertising is:

Which of these does NOT develop and set technical standard & best practices in the digital advertising industry?

How long does the average RTB auction take?

There are 3 types of RTB auction. Which of these are NOT one of the types of RTB auction?

How does a header bidding wrapper work?

X company made 600,000 impressions after spending 20,000 dollars on the ad. How much did the company spent per thousand impressions?

What is the difference between SSP and Ad Exchange?

CPA is an acronym for two abbreviations. What does those two abbreviations stands for?

Which of these are one of the advantages of having a private marketplace?

What is a Deal ID?

The definition for programmatic guaranteed is the process of automating what has traditionally been manual direct deal.

What are the different Programmatic Direct deal types?

In "second price" RTB auction model environment, advertiser A bids RM10, advertiser B bids RM8, and advertiser C bids RM5. Which advertiser will win the auction and how much will the winning advertiser have to pay?

What is frequency capping?

Thank you for joining our quiz!

We hope you have a better understanding on programmatic now with Innity's Programmatic Quiz!

If you've got 13 or more questions correct, we'll be in touch with you via email/phone! Get ready to receive our limited edition notebook!

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