[May 2018: Top Creative] AirAsia X Uses Advertisers’ All-Time Favourite Ad Format For the Perth WA Campaign

[May 2018: Top Creative] AirAsia X Uses Advertisers’ All-Time Favourite Ad Format For the Perth WA Campaign

Advertiser: AirAsia X Berhad
Product: Innity Lightbox

AirAsia X Berhad recently ran a campaign with Innity to promote the top tourist attractions in Perth Western Australia (Perth WA). The campaign were integrated with KOL’s content into Innity’s ad unit, the Lightbox format, consolidating the content by the KOLs to amplify the awareness and create a greater buzz for the campaign.

A few KOLs were sponsored a trip to Australia by the very famous airline, AirAsia X Berhad to promote the famous tourist spots in Perth WA. The KOLs produced a variety of quality content that includes images and travel videos to were shared on their social media pages. However, the visibility of those content were still inadequate due to social media algorithms. Not only their profiles were scattered around the social media platform but it was also being pushed down by new content on the KOLs’ profile page and the followers’ news feed. Therefore, AirAsia X decided to consolidate all content by KOLs into Innity’s ad format in order to break through the barriers and engage more audience.

Equipped with Rich Media Integration feature, the ad campaign provided audiences with various informative creatives such as interactive image gallery, travel videos, attractions information, and so on. On top of that, the Lightbox ad unit helped AirAsia X to garner genuine interest with its inbuilt time reference. When the user mouse over the ad, a countdown of 3-seconds will be triggered until the ad is opened up. With another 3 seconds the user spent interacting with the elements on the opened-up ad, ONE engagement will be counted. This format uses Cost per Engagement (CPE) as its payment model to ensure a more cost-effective option for the advertiser.

Click on “AirAsiaX x PerthWA” to experience the ad unit for yourself. And believe it or not? This is one of our advertisers’ all-time favourite ad formats!

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