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Innity Exclusive Representatives for Real™ in Malaysia

Innity is now the exclusive regional sales representatives for Real™ – the international digital entertainment online network!

This is Real’s first business venture with a Malaysian based digital marketing solutions corporation, and as one of the nation’s standing pioneer in online marketing, we’re proud to take up the challenge.

The deal is set to create greater online marketing potentials, allowing regional advertisers to reach a larger local and international market including all South East Asian nations as well as Australia and New Zealand.

The endeavor also provides Real™ with unlimited access to the Malaysian market – RealPlayer’s largest subscriber group in the region.

Real™ is a global entertainment brand, with a network of 5 world-renowned websites, namely RealPlayer,, GameHouse, and Rhapsody.

RealPlayer is published and developed locally in 13 major markets worldwide, reaching over 1 billion consumers everyday, with approximately 13,850,000 impressions and 736,000 downloads in South East Asia.

Apart from the conventional online ad formats, Real™ also offers a huge array of exclusive, dedicated ad units that are only available with RealPlayer and the Real Network websites.

Advertisers who are interested to advertise on the exclusive Real Network may email to, or call us at 03-78805611.