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Performance Network launched with its first campaign!

We are proud to announce once more the launch of our Performance Network, our new premium publisher program that offers the highest CPM rate and other comprehensive features capable of expanding the ad-serving capabilities for our network of publishers, while providing advertisers with highly targeted ad placements that generates results.

We’ve launched our first campaign on March 16 with advertiser is a website that serves as a user platform for easy sales and purchase of anything and everything.

The campaign features the Balloon Ad format, an exclusive ad format created by Innity that adapts the instant messenger pop-up concept, an interest-grabbing but non-obstructive ad format that is perfect for users’ ad experience.

The 2-week run-of-network campaign accesses a total of 20 sites and has a average CTR of 0.4%, an impressive result that out-performs the 0.2% industry standard.

For more info about how you can join the Performance Network, or utilize our network for your ads, log on to