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Performance Network


Innity brings you the latest ad-serving network, the Performance Network.

When most Ad Networks usually hand pick their premium ad space and traffic, pays out high rates and sends the rest of remnant inventory to non-paying “defaults”, Innity’s Performance Network pays appropriate premium CPMs for those same impressions. Plus we maximise the publisher’s remaining traffic fully with CPM/CPE rates driven by real-time market competition, with no volume limits and no defaults.

Our premium publisher program gives you the highest CPM rates in the region and maximises the advertising potential of all our premium publishers’ site, while CPE means that the impressions are free and Advertiser only pays when a user engages with your ad unit. Engagement is defined when user performs an action on a rich media ad unit such as a rollover to find out more, start a flash game, viral a message to friend etc.

Meanwhile, our banner exchange program gives your website an opportunity to advertise on our exclusive high traffic and premium sites for FREE, and they are no permanent tie-ups: when we are not serving any ads on your site, you can manage your inventory to serve any of own or third party ads.

For advertisers, the Performance Network provides advertisers with multiple optimization features including Multi-Creative, Channel, Geo and Time-of-the-day/Day-of-the-week Targeting, and Frequency Cap, to expose your ads to the relevant target audiences and thus, maximizing the return on investment.

The technology behind our Performance Network consists of Innity’s AdServing and AdManagement platform, Advenue. Through a series of unique algorithmic sequences, its special features enable it to identify the audience most likely to respond to your campaign, and then automatically adjust ad placements and targeting strategies to maximize response.

Finally, our flexible payment system lets you to choose your payment option by Bank In or Cheque payment. Our 30-days payment plan guarantees your revenue accumulates to a substantial amount for collection

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