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Partnership with International Publishers signed

We have recently signed up several International publishers, adding new channels and excitement to Innity network. Innity welcomes and looks forward to our partnership with E-buddy, Glam Media,, My Space, i-TV, World Wresting Entertainment, Oberon Media. Also, we partner up with two huge renowned networks AdConion and Ad2One. Along with them, they brought several publishers like Wallpaper,, iTV etc. Below is an introduction of some of the publishers.

E-buddy web messenger
E-buddy web messenger is a high traffic site that reaches over 22 Million unique visitors, 70% of them are ranged between 13 – 24 years old. These young audiences love music, keen in latest trends like mobile phone gadgets, sports, clothing, travel and entertainment. They are web savvy and do engage in online advertising. Here, E-buddy is able to target your audience according to Male or Female, depending on your requirement. Messenger ads drive better CTR as it comes right upfront, displaying when you launch your messenger.

Glam Media
Glam Media is the biggest Female Network in the world with 4.5Million Pageviews and 710,000 Unique Visitors in Malaysia. Being a combination of content and blogs for fashion, beauty, celebrity entertainment and living targeted at savvy, intelligent women with high spending power. This channel is suitable for all female related products. is popular among all football lovers, covering everything related to football news, gossips and latest scores and updates. It reaches over 10 million unique visitors worldwide with 70% of their audience are mainly football male fans aged between 25 and 44 years old.

My Space
My Space has a huge phenomenal audience reach with 923Million pageviews in Malaysia only. It is mainly entertainment based content for web savvy users who uses this channel for their music & entertainment updates. Also, it is a way to create a profile for themselves on this channel, especially aspiring musicians or artists. User who surfs on this channel usually spends a lot of time listening to music, keeping update of the latest songs. My Space key advertisers are record labels, film distributors, youth targeted products.

i-TV is UK’s biggest commercial television network reaching over to 540,000 Pageviews in Malaysia solely. It’s TV network programming that covers a complete range of TV genres like drama, entertainment, news, sports and children’s program etc. i-TV provides a range of new media and interactive services via internet, mobile phones and broadband. This channel is targeted towards users who are interested in international entertainment such as Xfactor and Britain’s Got talent and also towards expats from UK staying in South East Asia. i-TV’s key advertisers are usually from industries like Travel, Platinum finance, Sports and Entertainment.

World Wrestling Entertainment
World Wrestling Entertainment is a very popular site among wrestling fans. It has everything you want to know about the wrestling sports, current matches, videos, pictures, news and even wrestling fans merchandises. This site is targeted at wrestling fans, people who enjoys watching wrestling, muscular bodied stars.

Oberon Media
Oberon Media is a young casual game site targeting youths, mainly females. Through this site, user can reach multiple gamers on different networks, allowing them to be social networking and challenging their friends at the same time. As the users gather here to play games, there is a significantly high CTR for ads displayed during their gameplay. In Malaysia alone, pageviews can reach up to 4.2Million. This channel is targeted at web savvy individuals who engage with online advertising, suitable for advertisers whose products are technology and entertainment based.