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BPA Worldwide Contracts first Ad Serving System Certification in Asia

Beijing, China September 9, 2009BPA Worldwide, the global leader in auditing media, recently announced that Innity, Malaysia’s premium advertising network and a market leader in online advertising in South East Asia, signed up for BPA Worldwide’s ad server system certification. This is also the first ad server system certification conducted by BPA Worldwide in Asia.

BPA Worldwide’s ad serving system complies with all Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines and provides additional systems verification that goes above and beyond the IAB requirements. Some of those added benchmarks include a disaster recovery/business continuity process review, behavioral/activity-based filtering procedures and the reporting of the time at which data is considered final.

Innity Campaign Management System is a robust platform for delivering campaigns that provides transparency from the macro to the micro, with real-time reporting. Its ad system delivers measurable and scalable results based on the effectiveness of its advanced optimization technology.

“Advertisers attach importance to the accuracy and transparency in their digital campaigns,” said Glenn Hansen, President and Chief Executive Officer, BPA Worldwide. “We are glad that Innity signed up for BPA Worldwide’s membership. It is the first ad server system certification conducted by BPA Worldwide in Asia, which opens a new chapter for our growth in this promising market.”

According to recent IDC research, Asia showed an overall increase in online ad spending in Q2, 2009.

“Third-party verification further proves Innity’s commitment to its clients. BPA Worldwide’s audit enables Innity’s advertising and publisher clients to have greater confidence in its reporting data,” added Hansen.

BPA Worldwide’s ad server system certification includes an in-depth examination of the end-to-end ad serving process. It verifies compliance with established IAB guidelines validates accuracy of ad serving and counting mechanisms, provides insight to management that systems are working as they should and promotes credibility of the system within the market. It also certifies other elements of the transaction stream. BPA Worldwide’s ad server system audit findings could facilitate revisions of systems/processes to improve services and enable improvement to existing Guidelines.

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