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Meet us at AdAsia09


Where: Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, KL, Malaysia
When: 23rd & 24th October, 2009

Along with its rapid growth and development Innity doesn’t miss chances of participating in the most important and influential events in online marketing and advertisement industry. After having a blast at Ad:Tech 2009 in Singapore Innity is now looking forward to an exciting upcoming event, AdAsia09, which is taking place this year in KL, Malaysia.
The redefinition of Asia’s global reorientation in view of the socio-economic challenges pervading the continent is the theme of the 26th AdAsia 09.
With much of Asia facing unprecedented economic, environmental and political challenges, the Congress with its topic Asia-Redefining the Future promises to explore the immense role that communications can play in reaching the world’s greater influencer – the ordinary consumer.
This event takes place in various countries in Asia under the auspices of Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA). It is the largest advertising, marketing, communications and media congress held in this region since 1958. The congress attracts more than 1,000 advertising professionals in Asia and throughout the world and Innity is proud to be on the list.
Its aim has been, and remains to expand and raise strategic thinking and creative bar, to improve the role that brands play in improving lives and broadening horizons, to redefine markets and to reach more consumers.
Innity is looking forward to this exciting event where we will have an opportunity to share our rich knowledge and experience of online marketing as well as about our new exciting products.

See you there!