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Innity talk at University Tun Abdul Razak

Online marketing has become an increasingly attractive career option for students today. The usage of the online medium itself is growing at an exponential rate. Innity is in the right place at the right time.

In this regard, 2 weeks ago, the VP of Sales at Innity; Yee Yin, went to the University Tun Abdul Razak to enlighten students on why the digital marketing industry would make sense to them as a career and the types of options that they have available to them. The students were unaware of this option and expressed interest in the possible future that this industry could hold for them. She also discussed the growth this industry has witnessed, the latest trends it has seen along with her own experiences of working in the industry.

For all interested, Innity is a great place to work for more reasons than one. Innity provides a diverse range of interactive marketing ad solutions, is a trend-setter and has a large and exhaustive network. Our passionate, innovative and talented team ensures the delivery of maximum value of each and every digital marketing campaign that we undertake. For more information, please contact us at