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Innity offsite – team building

Innity conducted it’s first annual team building exercise on the weekend of March 5th and 6th at the Eagle Ranch Resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia. The objective of this activity was to provide the staff at Innity across different countries with the opportunity to congregate at a location outside of their regular place of work and to build enthusiasm, confidence and to facilitate enhanced team work.

The event started off with a range of physical exercises such as tug of war and an obstacle course race which everyone realized was physically challenging and required extensive teamwork in order to complete the same. In the evening, a scrumptious dinner was laid out in front of us along with a range of the finest alcohol after which, all groups had to perform in front of the entire crowd – we saw and heard talents we never knew existed amongst our team members! It definitely was a night to remember!

The next day, we woke up early in the morning to carry out our last exercise; build a raft with planks of wood and rope after which each team had to take their rafts out to the sea, collect their flag and bring the raft back. This task sapped the energy out of everyone however, it emphasised the need to co-operate as a team and helped each one of us understand that every member of the team plays an important role – however large or small.

All in all, the Innity staff had a fantastic time and it drew us closer as a family – we can’t wait for next year’s trip! Till then, we shall take back all the things we’ve learnt and deliver even higher standards for our clients.