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Catching up with the Media Services Team at Innity!

Why work in a team? Here are a few good reasons.

When working in a team, we all learn effectively from each other. That is when people in the team focus on helping and educating each other to learn. Besides, working in a team is much more effective than working individually on complex projects and don’t get us started on how much fun it is to work in a team.

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So, we had a little bonding session with Phooi Yee from the Media Services Team at Innity Malaysia. Let’s have a sneak peek at what her team is up to!

What are the specific responsibilities of the Media Services Team in Innity?

Few of our specific responsibilities are reporting analysis, resources, and processes and then articulate them persuasively to prospects and customers. We also provide in-office sales support, including generating campaign reports for clients, conducting research on prospects and customers relevant to the Sales Manager’s sales efforts, internal follow up on publisher mock ups, pre-qualifying leads, and responding to client inquiries in the rep’s absence.

Besides that, we establish and maintain relationships with media agencies, creative agencies and with publisher/website owners. What’s next? Post-sales support: Execute monitor and maintain quality of projects throughout a given timeline to ensure project objectives are achieved as per the agreed requirements. Last but not least, we also manage ad operations and ad optimization.

Do people out of the industry understand this job?

No, I don’t think so. Most of the people out there don’t even know there are actually a bunch of people controlling the online ads they see on the websites every day, not to mention understand what operation and optimization is. Only people who have been exposed to this field will understand. It is not something you learned during your school life.

Describe your job in one word. Okay, maybe two. :)

Sexy =D

Best thing you like about working in Innity?

The fun working environment and the interesting problems we have to solve!

Do you think communication is important for a team to cooperate well?

Yes, definitely. Team members should share problems and feelings between each other. Work can be done quicker and more efficiently with effective communication.

What does your team do when you decide to “take a break” from all the hectic work?

Karaoke, feasting and happy hours!

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What personal qualities do you think is necessary for someone to be successful in this occupation?

They should have strong passion to constantly learn something new and exciting. Good problem solving skill is a must. Besides, having ownership of the work (responsible), flexibility and prioritizing tasks are important as well. Lastly, he/she should be able to work independently and as a team member.

Thank you for your time. :)