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ComScore Report Reaffirms Innity’s Position
as the Leading Ad Network in Malaysia

Innity reaches over 91% of the Internet audience in Malaysia and is now on par with Google

We are now on equal standing with Google in terms of audience reach in Malaysia, according to comScore’s latest Metrix report. Currently, Innity and Google each reach out to 91.7% of the country’s Internet audience – that’s over 10 million unique visitors in Malaysia respectively.

The apparent growth within the digital sector has been spurred by a rising number of marketers, advertisers, and publishers who are finding increasing value in engaging the services of an ad network. Moreover, the booming online population within the country as well as South East Asia has played a crucial role in driving the industry forward.

Innity’s reach in Malaysia – May, 2012

Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Total Internet: Total Audience 11,800 100.0
Google Ad Network 10,817 91.7
Innity Ad Network 10,815 91.7

Source: comScore

“The comScore ratings reaffirm the status of Innity as the leading ad network in the country. We are extremely excited and proud to be on par with the global online advertising giant itself, and we will continue to provide advertisers and publishers with the best innovative and engaging online marketing solutions in the market”, said Fabian Looa, COO, Innity.

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