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Fashion Avenue is Innity’s Website Of The Month!

Where else can you go to if not Fashion Avenue for your daily fashion fix? With more than an average of 120 000 unique visitors and 350 000 page views monthly, Fashion Avenue is one of the fastest growing online retail experience to hit the web. The site is constantly connecting their female audience with cool and affordable trendy fashion items. This time, we chatted with Kenneth Heng, General Manager of Fashion Avenue to find out more about their fabulous website.

Can you tell us a little about how Fashion Avenue got started?

Fashion Avenue actually spilled over from our sister site,, from where we noticed the constant search and demand for ultra-affordable fashion. So we put our hats together and sourced for reliable and quality partners to deliver trendy yet reasonably-priced apparel from smart jackets to handbags and to even swimming costumes!

The response has been really encouraging from day one and with this Award by Innity as the Website of the Month, we couldn’t be happier and believe even stronger that we are on the right path.

How are you different from the other fashion sites out there? What does Fashion Avenue do that you felt other fashion sites weren’t delivering?

There are certainly many other competitors’ fashion sites which are doing wonderful jobs and we definitely feel that we could learn from their success stories.  However, what we offer at Fashion Avenue is the unique and consistent offering of Daily Fashion Sprees.  What happens is that we would make a daily selection of 20 of our top sellers and editors’ picks and put them up for sale at up to 70% off their regular prices.  Our customers have been loyally snapping up these greatly-discounted items ever since.

Additionally, we’d opened up our e-commerce platform to help aspiring entrepreneurs who didn’t want to bear the heavy investments of a full website and yet be able to market their merchandise to a worldwide audience.  With this concept, Shoppes Avenue was developed where you would find emerging brands in apparel and accessories.  A little twist to this concept, we’ve also developed Artsy Marketplace where creative sellers market their handmade knick-knacks.

In this way, our customers are able to buy trendy fashion items as well as original handmade items all found in one website, and this we believe is our little unique offering in this competitive industry.

What other fashion sites do you enjoy?

In order to stay relevant, I would visit top international sites like Netaporter, ModCloth and ASOS. They are wonderful sources of inspirations!

What do you think are the biggest mistakes most digital media sites make?

Along the way, we’ve fumbled and we’ve learned from our mis-steps.  However, we listened to what the market wants and try our utmost to fulfill them. The process of engaging and respecting our customers and fans is a never-ending exercise.  It’s a two-way communication effort.

As we grow our websites and fanbase, we’ve also evolved into a complete online experience for the women community.  Our popular Gorgeous! Post online magazine has been the go-to site for our fans where they get their dosage on the latest in celebrity gossips, fashion trends and beauty tips!

However, we strongly believe that success is not given and it’s fragile, and we will continue to build on our foundation.

What’s your best advice for new publishers getting started?

We would tell them that there’s no shortcut or instant fame.  Plan long-term and work towards it slowly. Also, monitoring your budget is key, whether it’s for adspend or stocks procurement, the funds has to be consistently available.  You can’t expect to be known and remembered by the general public without advertisements on a persistent manner.  You have to believe you’re building something enduring and lasting; you have to care as much as what you plan to do next week as you do about next year. Last but certainly not least, believe in your team. Trust them to do a good job independently and you’ll find the returns to be incredible.

Thank you! :)