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Introducing Stanley Lim,
the new Regional Director at Innity!

Allow us to introduce Stanley Lim who just joined Innity as the new Regional Director! Prior to joining us, Stan worked in 8elements and Gameloft on the Sales and Marketing front. Today, he will be tasked with strengthening and developing Innity’s latest products while executing the strategic direction of the company’s core businesses in the region. In between all that hectic business, Stan moonlights as a professional Starcraft gamer, or so he wishes… Read on below!

First Job…involves putting on an apron and blending what feels like approximately 1000 mochas daily.

I start my day with…coffee. In which case if there is none, then screaming.

The one thing you don’t know about me ishow well I can keep a secret.

My previous job taught me thatthe smallest result triumphs the best intention.

My favourite place is...Taiwan. It’s like Hong Kong, except there are chairs in public for you to rest your feet.

I wish someone had told me thatI’m really a professional Korean PC gamer that makes a living playing Starcraft all day.

If I wasn’t in this industry, I’ a professional Korean PC gamer playing Starcraft all day. No one told me.

I de-stress bygoing for reflexology. Kidding. That stuff is messed up.

Best career advice is… to maintain self-focus and discipline whilst not losing your sense of humour along the way.


More info on Stanley’s appointment here!