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A Music-filled Interview with Innity’s Biz Dev team!

If you follow our blog, you would remember that we have once covered a posting about our Media Services Team. So we thought to ourselves – wouldn’t it just be perfect if we could let people know what happens behind the stalkerish-i-will-find-you-wherever-you-go ads that you see online so very often?

Then this idea came to birth.

A series of interview postings of the people from different departments within Innity, updated monthly-with a tinge of flava added.

We start off with a music video ( video in bold, italics and unlined) about the Business Development team, starring Amanda and Yuri.

But of course a 1 minute clip wouldn’t suffice. That’s why after the video session we threw some questions to the pair to know more about themselves and what they think about Innity :D

Best thing you like about working in Innity?
(Yuri) I like the way how we can freestyle our dress and of course a not too strict working hours. Time can be a little flexible as long as we finish our jobs.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are.
(Amanda) 5 because I’m in between both a normal one. Lol!!

What is Innity?
(Yuri) Innity is a leading advertising network in South East Asia with presence in Asia Pacific. We have offices in multiple countries; Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine, China and Hong Kong.

Office blackout. What do you do?
(Amanda) Scream?!! ;P

Unicorns or dragons?
(Yuri) I prefer dragons as it’s a magnificent creature, unique and at the same time have it’s own freedom and strength.

Please fill in the blanks: All day I dream about is ____________ and _________.
(Amanda) Food ……….and FOOD!!

Where in the office would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
(Yuri) I have several spots for my treasure depending on the what they are. They could be hidden in my drawer, fridge and a little corner on upper left hand of my table.

What personal qualities do you think is necessary for someone to be successful in this occupation?

(Amanda) Passion for what you do. Flexibility with ideas, patience with co-workers, ability to keep up with new media trends & technology.


DISCLAIMER: Interviewees were untold of Songified version of interview until the uploading of the above video. The uploader claims no responsibility whatsoever for any psychological distress upon viewing. Herein, should this blog not be updated (like.say.5days) after this event, authorities should start speculating if poster has become murder victim of interviewees. If the aforementioned incident does not happen, audiences should expect more of such interview postings. Teehee.