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Onward and Upward with Innity’s Regional Workshops

The fast moving and ever changing pace of online advertising has sometimes made current trends within the industry hard to grasp, even for the people in online advertising themselves. Online ad companies are forever coming up with more effective methods to fill in gap holes that the previous products were unable to, and some trends that were once deemed efficient by the industry standards may be no more than just a passing fad in a couple of months.

Hence, ever the need for advertisers and brands to keep themselves updated and understand the pros and cons each upcoming product and industry trend in order to stay not only in competition but strive to be in the lead. Innity recognizes this and have thus planned an ongoing series for workshops – allowing advertisers to be in the know of the latest in online advertising, providing them with the leverage of understanding the technicalities when strategizing and planning their campaigns. A regional effort, the series of workshops have been held in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong previously, and will be soon expanding to Thailand and Indonesia.

In the Philippines, a similar workshop titled Lunch & Learn has been running with much success to a relatively smaller audience albeit in a cosier setting.

The most recent Digital Engaging Workshop was held in Singapore on March 1st at the M Hotel. We were joined at the workshop with representatives from Loreal, Eurokars, Samsung, Daimler and nine other companies.


With bringing the latest in the industry in mind, the topics shared that day were as follows:

– Small vs Big Data – What they are, their differences, and the appropriate use in different situations.
– Native Advertising – The term elegantly coined by a quote in one of the slides “People read what they want to read, and sometimes it’s an AD”. The speech covers the need for brands to engage audiences and how native advertising helps do that.
–  P.O.E.M – Paid Media, Owned Media, Earned media- and how altogether becomes a converged form of media utilized to engage audiences, in turn creating consideration and improve consumer favorbility.
– RTB – Its relevance to advertisers, and how it provides leverage in comparison to site-targeting. (If you’re unfamiliar with RTB, check out our previous post here to learn more)

The highlight of the day was none other than Milward Brown’s sharing on effective brand measurement. Being the pull for the whole workshop, audiences were already in full anticipation prior to the presentation – and we are proud to say that Milward Brown lived up to their expectations and provided a compelling presentation on how brands can use traditional and digital medias to maximize their reach to targeted audiences and heighten brand awareness. Also covered was the functionality of different ad formats and how ad creative influences the effectiveness of a campaign. The presentation itself provided much insight on advertising campaigns that can be approached in consideration of the “tradigital” media as a whole instead of different medias in isolation.

As the evening approached, our audiences had their heads and notebooks filled with information and industry insights that they have just received and exchanged. It was a good day of meeting new faces and learning for us, and based on the feedback received, a rewarding one for those who attended.

And all was well. Now time for some pictures :)