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For the Newbie on Board: Online Advertising 101

Assume that you’re working in online advertising industry or something related (which makes a lot of sense else you wouldn’t be here). Now assume every now and then your company gets a new recruit and you’re asked to educate the newbie about the inner workings of the industry.

So how and where do you start and how do you go by it without having eyes spacing out, eyebrows raised,and given the “Ok. Too much information” or “I have no idea what you’re talking about” look?

Yeah well, all that opening has to lead to something.

Our quest to bring the best out of ourselves has led us to be on the lookout for recent industry trends and ways to be more efficient at our jobs. And that, has totally no relevance to this post except leading us to finding this.

MediaMath & Grovo’s Course on Online Advertising

An online web series that would help with learning the ropes of the online advertising industry, brought to you by MediaMath & Grovo.

The 15 episode animation based web series on Online Advertising is only 18.32 minutes long, and definitely qualifies more as a crash course rather than a proper induction/ introduction. Topics covered range from industry specific jargons such as CPC, CTR, Impressions, to the underlying operations of online advertisements. Each clip is short and to the point, which demands the attention of the viewers if you are really concerned about absorbing the information. Also included at the end of each lesson/episode is a quiz to test your understanding, pretty much like a professor in class would do.

The benefits of having such a series on the internet is having a place to start the journey into the technicalities of the world of online advertising, and the advantage of replaying the clip should you want to do so. Also, given the platform the series is on automatically grants the viewer access to the web for more detailed explanation should he or she wants to seek such information (and you saved from getting that blank look from the newbie after explaining the same thing for the second time).

According to the MediaMath website, this collaboration serves to establish an education platform to engage and empower the new generation of online advertising. Based on what we are seeing, we are expecting up to date trends and visually stimulating content that serves not only educate industry beginners, but also provide new innovative ways for the veterans to grow their business. Appealing much? Regretfully premium content of this educational catalog is only accessible to premium members of the New Marketing Institute. But if you are only looking for information that just covers the basics, fret not, the learning platform Grovo has also a related series on online marketing that you might find to be just as educational.

Grovo’s Online Marketing Series

We’d say the site is quite a gem. That’s why we’re sharing it with you and hopefully it helps out  those who are just starting to learn about the industry!