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On Engage+

Based on the numerous furrowed brows, calls, and emails we’ve received since we launched Engage+ two weeks ago, we have humbly recognised that Engage+ is indeed the end product of rocket science, and it may require considerable intelligence or the technical ability of well, a rocket scientist. Of course, a little bottle of whiskey would definitely help fuel your understanding too.

But if you do not possess either, fret not, because here’s a breakdown of Engage+ for you.

Engage+ is a solution to your fragmented marketing woes.

We’re sure this rings true with you as a marketer when we say that there are just too many marketing channels for your digital campaigns. There’s social media, display advertising, video advertising, and mobile advertising. And this is just the surface. And the worst part? You run independent campaigns on each of those channels, which will most likely create a disjointed, disparate brand experience for the user.

Enter Engage+, where advertisers can channel all their audiences from their paid, earned, and owned media (which includes social, video, mobile, and display campaigns) into one single platform. After all, consumers are getting more used to, and also prefer multiple content formats at a glance. But above all, marketers would be able to have a consolidated measurement of the overall audience reception towards the entire campaign.

But how do we do it?

By having a dynamic, Universal Landing Page (ULP), compatible across devices (Yay, HTML 5!), filled with customizable rich media content and complemented with social sharing features, CRM, and gamification. Naturally, with social sharing features on board the landing page, advertisers can extend the mileage of their paid media when users share it within their social networks.

Most importantly, because of the impressive advancement in technology, we are now able to deliver meaningful, context-relevant content that can be dynamically personalized to each individual. What’s more, advertisers are also given the convenient ability to update the content on their ULP in real-time with much ease using our dashboard. If that’s not enough, the dashboard’s content creation feature also allows advertisers to craft your own content which will then be syndicated to our publishers site, and also curated in the cloud for safekeeping.

Another key feature within this ULP is the Engagement Score – a brilliant proprietary tool to measure and understand how your audience consumes your content. You would be able to gauge the level of engagement the ULP was able to generate based on whether the audience watched a video, shared the page, downloaded content, played a game on it and so on. With that info, marketers can act and improve on the campaign (in real time!) and of course, ultimately increase ROI for the campaign.

And that, folks, is the brief summary of Engage+. We hope this post clears things up for you guys a little. Do get in touch with us at and we will be more than happy to drown you with even more details on the platform!

Here’s a tl;dr:

  • New platform by Innity for marketers to organize and accelerate their marketing efforts online.
  • Universal landing page that is compatible across devices, allows marketers to channel all their audience from their paid, earned, and owned media to one place and gauge and measure the overall reception towards the campaign using the Engagement Score.
  • Within this dynamic space, marketers can deliver highly personalized content and offers to each individual, and at the same time, update the ad content in real time if desired.
  • The platform also supports marketers in their content marketing efforts in terms of content creation, curation, and syndication.