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So What have We been Up to Lately?

Things move fast online, and we believe that in order to stay ahead in this game and serve our clients better we have to be constantly innovating.

Aside from being part of adtech, we’ve also been working on some other stuff that would help us do exactly that:

Establishment of Appsloration and Native Media
We have new additions to our big family!

We believe that the establishment of these two companies will allow us to perform better in what we do best by providing a wider range of offerings for our clients. Here’s how they will fit into our big picture.

Appsploration, as the name suggests, is an app development subsidiary that will focus on developing new applications for Innity as well as our clients. Led by Simon Ong who has over 15 years of experience in programming and app development, the team in Appsploration is currently working on a cloud-based platform that will allow Innity’s clients to build HTML5 rich media ads and apps with ease – allowing marketers convey their brand messages effectively and effortlessly.

Native Media on the other hand, allows SMEs the opportunity to leverage online video as a platform to market their products and branding. Led by Malaysian media industry veteran Jeremy Cheam, the team in Native Media is highly committed to the mission of democratizing video as an advertising medium. In line with this vision, the company provides packages combining video content production, distribution, and promotion of the produced content across Innity’s regional network to reach the desired audience pool. With Innity’s expansive network across the region as grounds for promotion, clients will also be ensured a wide audience reach and interaction, subsequently enjoying a higher volume of sales.

Publishers Advenue
We’ve recently announced a comprehensive ad serving platform that enables publishers to manage and maximize their ad profitability at scale. The unique platform combines ad serving, a real-time bidding (RTB) exchange, and advanced targeting, to deliver the highest revenue across devices.

Publishers Advenue is a result of our partnership with DAC Japan, which combines the expertise and experience of Innity with DAC Japan’s advanced ad serving technology. It is well-equipped to support and manage the increasingly complex process of ad serving, featuring a handful of elements that will help publishers to get the most value out of their sites, including prioritized ad serving, cross device extension, advanced targeting, rich media creatives, inventory forecasting, integration with YieldOne SSP, and customized reporting.

That’s about it for now! If you have any further questions on our two new subsidiaries or on Publishers Advenue, feel free to drop us a line at

Now, back to cooking up more awesomeness! :)