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Are We Mobile Yet?

Mobile is important. You get it; we get it too.

It has literally changed the way we consumed information and our purchasing habits by allowing immediate access to the information that we want. In fact, word is mobile will overtake desktop computer use in the near future.

As of now, over 1.2 billion people access the web from their mobile devices (Trinity Digital Marketing); and specifically in the South East Asian region, comscore results indicates that Non-PC traffic is zooming ahead, in excess of 20%. And with how big mobile has grown in mind, we’ve gathered couple of links to information on how we can move forward in this area.

Starting off, for publishers who are contemplating on joining the mobile party, here’s an article on why you should get one already. And for those who are considering how to join the party, adobe has this two part article discussing which to opt for between a mobile site, app or hybrid depending on who your targeted audience is. So here’s part one, and part two.


With the mobile gate open so welcoming, marketers have long started to take advantage of it as an alternate platform to drive brand awareness and purchase intent. Here’s Sunil Gupta on how marketers can utilize mobile to their advantage, and also, for more detailed information on mobile use for countries, Google Mobile Planet is a great resource that compiles the latest updates on mobile statistics that will help with your presentations and business cases to colleagues or clients.

Looking forward, Leander Kahney has listed down 5 trends that could change the future of mobile advertising here. His analysis and sentiments are something that we agree with, and it is true that despite the rapid progress on mobile, a lot is still in debate and we have a long way to go.

But for now, the main question remains –  are you mobile yet? :)